But I don’t wanna comb my hair out!

I am a curly girl.

Yes, I get my occasional blow-outs by my favorite Dominicana (LOVE THEM), but through and through I am a curly girl.

I love to wash my hair, and let it dry into these shiny, springy curls. Having that massive crown of ebony is when I feel most powerful. Hell, it’s when I feel most sexy. Oh but when it gets to be time to contemplate getting ready for bed and I think of just how much work lays ahead of me, I cringe. I know that if I go to bed without combing my hair out, it won’t be fun at all in the morning. I am currently thinking of waking up and having to man-handle my mane into a fro-pony-bun just to look decent and presentable. UGH! Talk about taming the shrew. Because when curls are slept in, they become twisted up and intertwined. Rubbing into the pillow makes then dry. And if you sleep like me? Wrap what up in a silk scarf? Poor scarf does not have a chance.

But I love my curls, and combing them out is a must. An absolute must. Sigh.


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