Gloss Boss

I have a thing for lip gloss.  I consider myself a gloss boss.  When I hit on something good, I have to spread the info.  With all that is going on in the world, what makes this important?  You will have to answer that for yourself.  Right now, I am compelled to let the world know that I have completed my arsenal of glosses.  Now, when I say completed, I mean, I am very happy with recent purchases and will probably replenish my supplies of these products in the future.

As a woman of color, I think these glosses are more than versatile.  I would encourage my girls of ALL shades to try these, but I am particularly happy that they are not just for the fair-skinned.  So here they are:

  1. Smashbox O-gloss.  I bought mine from Sephora.  It comes out clear, but changes to a pretty pink tint once applied.  It does not look like you dipped your lips in a jar of vaseline either.  No Sha Na Na in this tube.
  2. Aveda regydrating lip glaze.  Purchased from the Aveda store.  Try Cassis and Cherry Blossom.  You can adjust the intensity just by applying more gloss, but that does add to the shine factor.  With that said, tt would take the whole tube to make you look trashy.

These two products are definitely good buys.  They work as everyday lip color AND for getting cute and going out.

Above all reasons these are good buys, a good gloss makes my morning routine easier.  I DO NOT do daily makeup so I keep it all to a minimum: good gloss, mascara, cute earrings, I’m good.


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