I’ve got my jewelry!

Thanks to my cousin Jocelyn, I was able to treat myself with a few really great pieces of jewelry over the last year.  BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES.

Joc is a consultant for Tracy Lynn Fashion Jewelry (www.tracilynnjewelry.net/jocelynhadrick), and honestly?  When I got a look at some of these baubles? Everything I saw was just cute.  When I look through the catalogs I know that there is something for everyone.

I am a very eclectic girl, and what I have purchased to date covers a pretty broad style spectrum.  I will warn you, however, my choices were about sparkle.  I definitely don’t always go for sparkle, but it seems to me that sparkle is what TLFJ does best.

The double hoops are so versatile.  I have already deemed them a summer staple.  Literally, a cute tank of any color will do, some jeans, and a cute shoe.  These earrings look great with a high bun (not hard, take a ponytail at the top back of the head, loosely wrap remaining hair and pin in place)!  Brings all kinds of good attention to the neck and face.

The orbit pendant is sparkly, but it works as a subtle piece.  It comes with the chain in the picture.  Make it work more ways by putting it on a longer chain and layering with other pendants.  This is actually great against neutrals or bright colors.  I would do the long chain look with a cute tee and a light-weight cardigan for spring/summer.  It is also totally cute with a sundress.  Trust me.

I also purchased the sunburst pendant w/ chain and the heart pendant w/ chain last year.  The sunburst pendant is also a pin.  Very cute on the lapel of a blazer, particularly a light wash denim number.  With a few bobby pins, it is really cute pinned onto a loose bun at the nape of the neck (same thing with a high bun except low).  The heart pendant is THE ONLY heart I have in my jewelry collection, I just never gravitate toward hearts.  It is a big deal that this one caught my attention.  It works in many ways.  My fav is with jeggings and a loose top (pictured).

Like the orbit, the sunburst pendant works as subtle piece.  So far, I get the most compliments on the sunburst pendant, it works best for me when I am dressed in a really cool laid-back vibe.  I have a tendency to do this dressy-sweats look.  I wear a pair of comfy sweatpants in a nice knit, a colorful fitted tank, and a cute pair of sneakers or all-stars.  I top it off with a denim jacket.  The sunburst pendant works perfectly.

For dressing up:  The cuff bracelet and the Glow ring and bracelet are amazing!  The cuff bracelet is beautiful with this white one shoulder dress I have.  It is also great with this aubergine halter wrap dress.  I have not worn the Glow pieces yet, and I am excited to do so.  The ring catches the light from every angle and it has a beautiful topaz stone in the middle.  I see a lot of versatility in this piece, I really want to put it with a summer suit.  The bracelet is actually a magnet closure style, so it look like one continuous piece.  It wears like a bangle.  The whole seventies resort look is in and I think these would be perfect for that.  Imagine a pair of medium wash wide leg jeans, a pale cream or beige top, and some sexy tan platforms OR a printed tunic dress (Aaaaaaaah).  I also think the Glow bracelet will look phenomenal with the safari look.  An olive green shirtdress?  Yes!  Just add it to the stack of wooden and beaded bangles!  (I will try it out and let you know)

I am very happy with my TLFJ pieces.  As a graduate student, I have to watch my budget and these pieces allow me to do that.  I think that every girl should have some sort of sparkle.  This is a GREAT place to start.

Check out Jocelyn’s page at www.tracilynnjewelry.net/jocelynhadrick.


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