I like for my toddler to look fly

Did I mention I like shopping for clothes for my son?   I also no better than to do it all the time, he is growing so fast.  I recently went from rolling up his 4T jeans to looking at him in him in his 5T and feeling the need to prepare for a flood.  In honor of his most recent growth spurt, I am filling you in on my favorite ways to save on wardrobes that last 2-3 months.

An absolute requirement is that my son look fly, and the best place to start is with a good collection of jeans.  Every 2-3 months I go to Old Navy for his jeans.  They always have sales in which kids’ jeans are around $10 a pair.  I buy 2 pairs of his current size and 2-4 pairs of the next size up.  I leave the tags on just in case he skips up, then I can just exchange them.  I like Old Navy, because they have really cute cuts.  My son is slim so I am very thankful for their regular and boot-cut styles AND they have adjustable waists.  The jeans come in different shades and washes that make flyness easy to maintain.

I also get his jeans from TJ Maxx and Marshalls because you can get great designer brands around the $10-15 mark.  Just be prepared to search.

Stride Rite and Marshalls are where I keep up his shoe game.  Yes, toddlers can have shoe game.  You can inexpensively and stylishly keep them in tough, comfortable shoes.  Shoes is an interesting area for toddlers because they can grow out of shoes in days or in a year.  It’s so up in the air that, except, for dress shoes, I try to stay below $40 a pair.

Tops for toddlers are cheap just about anywhere you go.  I just keep an eye out for things I like while I am in Target, Gap, or any of the stores I mentioned above.  Recently, Target had long-sleeve T’s on clearance for $2.  With that king of deal, a bunch of different colors and prints goes a long way.  They can be worn alone or under a short-sleeve shirt.  Once the sleeves are too short or the color is faded of the stains no longer come out, use T’s as PJs, as under clothes (great for cold weather), and as play clothes.

I try to keep a least a couple hoodies on hand.  A gray one and a “cool” one as he likes to say.  I have a thing for hoodies so he tends to have a lot!

Once my son has gotten his wear out of his clothes, I put them in bags and donate them.  Especially if something only got a couple wears before if was outgrown, you should donate it.


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