One of my favorite statement rings

Short post today.  I overslept.  Not abnormal, but this was the kind of oversleep when you can still be on time if you grab super something quick.  And when you have a little person to get out the door also, you do like me, take the grab-and-go approach.

I put on my favorite decent-for-outside-of-the-house sweatpants, a fuchsia tank and a gray long sleeve shirt (I literally think I got dressed in 30 seconds).  Topped with a light denim moto-style jacket and finished off with my cute and comfortable sneakers.  I am going to take a moment to say that I appreciate my line of work, because I do not have to even shoot for casual everyday.  Proteins don’t really care how I dress.  Sometimes I like the convenience of being able to wear sweatpants working to work the same way I like the ability to dress up a bit.

After I got dressed this morning, I put my hands on my orbit TLFJ necklace (see post “I’ve got my jewelry”) and this ring.  IT WORKED!  I was comfortable all the way through an almost three hour lab meeting.  I have to admit, too, I felt totally cute today.

Now about the ring.  It was an inexpensive consignment shop find and I don’t know the brand name, but it’s a sterling silver beauty.  The color in the dome is very brilliant:  royal blues, teals, a really pretty yellowish green, and silver.  The colors look really good against blues, dark pinks, and grays.  The ring has a wide comfort band and I wear it on my pointer, middle, and ring fingers depending on which hand and what’s comfortable.  It works at work for the most part, but it’s not a good idea for lab work.  The ring doesn’t fit well under gloves.

I would say that a ring like this can go a long way.  Dressed-up or dressed-down.  It’s not complicated, it’s very cool and artsy and it has an organic feel to me.  If you are like me and you like to add something to your outfits, look for something like this.

Now I have given you a good excuse to go Goodwill, consignment, or vintage shopping…


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