The power of the v-neck sweater

I don’t have the time go back into the annals of fashion history to find out who came up with it, but the v-neck sweater is ingenious.  Once again, I overslept.  Charge it to a late night session looking at protein structures.  I know it sounds bad, but, yes, my rolls in the hay involve my mac, my mouse, and my PyMol.  AWESOME!

Anyway, I did have more than 30 seconds to get dressed today.  It’s just that it is one of those days in which I have to do a lot of different things and look decent at the same time.  Write, lab stuff, go to a dinner and talk people into coming to my school for grad school…  I have to be comfortable because I don’t see my day ending until, hhmmmmm.

Enter the v-neck.  I was having some trouble getting my whits about me this morning.  I could have cared less about what I was going to wear.  I knew it was going to be a bit nippy today so I went to my sweater drawer.  I put my hands on my oatmeal and coral striped v-neck sweater and I quickly perked up.  Why does this excite me so?  Because v-necks are flattering, cute, comfortable, versatile, and comfy, wait, I already said comfortable.  V-necks rarely let you down.

This particular v-neck is a light weight cashmere blend that I wear all year round.  Light enough for a summer evening out in shorts and t-strap sandals, don’t forget some cute hoops and bracelets.  It layers well for winter.  For those days when spring and winter are having it out, like today, it is just warm enough to wear on its own.  So, v-neck, dark wash jeans, and tan mid-heeled mules…me happy.  Post earrings and a watch.  Simple and easy.  All day comfortable.

Before you go, I also have to give my budget spin on things.  I bought this sweater off the end, end, end, and further past the end of season clearance rack.  I paid $10 each for two (the other one is a deep purple),  I will only say that this was more than 75% off the original price.  Unadvertised end-of-seasons sales are the best.  By unadvertised, I mean walk to the back corner of the store to that rack that has a big clearance sign over it, look through and grab a few items that you will wear for years.  I did.

Go v-necks!



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