Love the art, worship the artist?

I felt compelled to write a very short piece on the whole Galliano issue because, for years, he has been the lead designer for my favorite lines.  My favorite couture line was designed by him.  Consistently, he has been refreshing, innovative, and AMAZING as a designer.

This post is not going to be my about my opinion on any of this.  This post is inspired by my thoughts on the situation and addresses a broader issue:  as talented as Galliano is, it is apparent, that regardless of what happened that day, this man, this human being has been exhalted for his art.  What prompts us to do that?  Yes, I have gasped at the beauty of his work.  Yes, I have had an emotional response to the craftmanship and the vision.  BUT, it’s art.  And as much as I love art, for me, it is the creation of a creation, and therefore, the true source is NOT the artist.

The Dior line and Galliano’s line that were presented recently are spectacular.  I still don’t see evidence for why people are practically worshiping him.  He is not a god.  He is a talented artist.

More to come.


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