Cashmere: ooh lala

I understand budgets.  I really do.  I also understand that sometimes a person should get something nice for him or herself.  On a budget, I think that one of those nice things can be a cashmere sweater.  I do not mean blends.  I own a few cashmere blends and they are great.  However, a 100% cashmere sweater is a different thing.

I know that I said on a budget and you are probably thinking “WTH!”  I just want to fill you in.  I have two 100% cashmere sweaters in my wardrobe.  That’s really all a girl like me needs right now:  a colorful one and a neutral.  One is a pink and purple ombre DESIGNER deep V-neck sweater that I purchased from TJ Maxx with its original tags still on.  I paid $15 and it retailed $300.  Clearance rack!  My other cashmere sweater cost me a bit more, but it is a versatile gray loose-fitting DESIGNER sweater that I picked up on sale at Anthropologie.  I put out a little bit more ($80), but it is very beautiful, very functional, and worth it.

I love to wear both sweaters and they have held up well considering how long they have been in my closet.  This is about the time of year that I purchased both sweaters, so get out there a get yours.  Pay close attention to the workmanship of the sweater to be certain you are getting a good buy.  Look at seams at shoulders and down the side, tears can be hidden in these areas.  Also, look for how the tags are sewn in, those can be areas where tears can easily happen.  Check the elbows, too!  Typically, really good clearance buys have been on the racks for a while, so really look it over well.  Stains, pulls, picks, pills, fading, etc.

Now, cashmere is typically hand washed and if you don’t want to deal with that then don’t get cashmere.  Also, as with any knits, be aware of what jewelry you want to wear with it in order to avoid pulls and tears.

If you find a great deal now, depending on where you live and the weight of the sweater, you may have to wait until next winter to wear it.  That gives you something to look forward to.  I think that a really big look next fall/winter will be cute stockings, with a satin-y dress or skirt and a cute (maybe cashmere? wink wink) sweater and a clunky heel.  Another look I think I am channeling is layering a button down dress shirt, sweater, and a cute vest over a wide-leg loose fitting trouser with a flat or heeled oxford.


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