Ugh, I wish I had a camera

Fashionistas can be rare on the science side of campus.  I often take great pride when I see a fellow woman in science throw a little spin into her wardrobe.  It’s like a secret language amongst those of us who like fashion.  In a way, it’s our way to telling fashion she is not our side chick.  She is a part of our daily life and she can exist along with our career choice.  It can be in a mix of colors.  A cute piece of jewelry.  Some really cute shoes.  Some days you bust out a whole outfit.

Take the beauty I spotted today.  She has on the perfect gray slacks.  Literally, they were cut perfectly for her shape.  She had on a pretty purple top.  Here is where I feel especially proud:  she accented with a gorgeous yellow skinny belt and fire engine red shoes.  PERFECTION!  I wish I could show a picture so you can see how well all of it goes together.

Well, ma’am.  I applaud you for your fashion choices today.  Thank you for being another example of how working with cells, proteins, and DNA all day does not mean that you can’t be yourself and dress in your style!


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