Henleys for my honey

Alright fellas, I am gonna ask that you set aside all attachment to things of the past. Particularly those dirty, dingy, hole-y undershirts that you wear under EVEYTHING: v-neck sweaters, other nice t-shirts, sweater vests, blazers, vests, etc. IF I can see it, it needs to be better than that. Period.

Along with the clearing out the past, can we clear up a misconception. Simple does not mean plain. Every t-shirt that is worn under something else does not HAVE to be white. There are a number of outfits that I see that would be better served with a gray or oatmeal colored t-shirt. I can even see brighter choices working tremendously sometimes. White is perfect at times. There are many times when white is simple (read clean and classic). Then there are times when white is plain (read boring and ho hum).

Another misconception is the idea that a t-shirt peeking out from under another garment absolutely has to be a crew or v-neck t-shirt. Not so, I say. Not so.

I am having a bit of a fling with henleys as another t-shirt option. Follow me.

Think two henley’s in complementary colors layered on one another. Or a henley under a v-neck sweater. Or a henley peaking out from under a casual day suit. What about a henley and a cute blazer? OOORRRRR a henley over a v-neck t-shirt all worn under a rugged leather jacket. OOOOOH just a henley and some jeans. Okay, one more: henley under a button up shirt.

And with the simple typing of a couple words in google, I found some good examples of what I just said. http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-henley-options-florence-and-paris/ (these photos don’t belong to me blah blah blah)

You may not like all of the looks in the link, but try to switch out one of your normal t-thirts for a henley. Now, this style of shirt does not mean “taco meat” it up. Button the shirt up high enough to not show all of your cleavage, fellas must keep it classy too. BUT it is an absolute must that the henley not be buttoned all the way to the top (again, my preference).

The good thing about henleys is that they will never really go out of style. There are tons of fabrics and colors. And because it is considered a wardrobe stable by the fashion elite, you will find henleys in boutiques and in Target. I once buried my face in a silk knit henley by Hugo Boss (at the urging of the saleswoman), it was wonderful (And let’s not even talk about the goodies in Balmain’s Fall 2011 menswear line). I also ran my fingers over some delicious cotton versions in target.

Try it.


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