If a man would just let me do whatever I want to him

I am that woman who sees beauty in men.  The shape and build.  The smell.  The walk.  The voice.  The style.


Okay.  Men cover a wide range of shapes, builds, smells, walks, and talks.  No two men are totally alike,  (Or so I tell myself) and as individual as men are (except when it comes to men who are sports fans and their teams), one would imagine that there would be this expanse of beautiful men with amazing style walking around.  No?  No.

I have a special place in my heart for fashion, but within that special place is an even more special VIP section roped off just for men’s fashion.  I like men’s clothes.  There is something about a strong suit or a sleek overcoat.  A quality undershirt or that pair of sweatpants that a woman would want to steal to wear for herself.  AND I WON’T EVEN TALK ABOUT ACCESSORIES.  Yet, as often as I take a stroll through menswear sections in stores or browse through the photos from menswear fashion weeks, I do not see the reflection of fashion in street style that I would like.  I know it may have a lot to do with living in “khaki’s, boat shoes, and blue button down” town which is right down the street from “plain tee, fitted cap, and nike” junction, but to see a man who knows his colors and his cuts…*fans self.  To see a man who knows his fabrics and construction details…I don’t want to have to put a mature rating on this post SO, I will not describe the effect it has on me.

I digress.

My point is…if a man would let me do whatever I want to him.  I would dress him.  Not in a make him into who I want him to be (not talking turning him into a cookie cutter image of a “decent-looking,” whatever that is, man), but open up a door for personal style for him (talking wrapping that muscle and musk in a package that is tailored to the present inside).  I may have objectified men with that one.  The package inside has to do with the physical traits, but it also has to do with the brain inside:  the sense of humor, the compassion, the cynicism, the activism, the things that make him tick.  That better?

I’m not looking for a man.  I am looking for a man to let me dress him.  Be my personal Ken doll.  I can take input as long as input does not involve Tall White Tees, NY fitted caps, baggy jeans, and Ones as an outfit option.

All he has to do is try it on and swipe the card.  Is that hard?  Didn’t think so.

So this starts the hopefully regular series of blogposts on viable and easily personalized style options for men.   Hopefully.


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