Easy repurposing for necklaces

So I have tones of jars and vases in shades of purple gifted from my mother and others. While I have been trying to find storage options for my jewelry, my smaller, more delicate necklaces have been a challenge. I needed something with height and strength and that would look pretty. I decided to use a tall vase and, surprisingly, a wire hanger. The wire hanger is strong enough to hold the weight of the necklaces.

I used one of those wire hangers you get from the dry cleaned that has its ends tucked into a cardboard tube. Removed the tube. Extended the top part of the hanger, and put it into the vase upside down. The hooks that are already in the hanger (that helps them stay in the cardboard tube) were the perfect size.  I tried other materials but this worked best.

It’s cute, quirky, and simple.  My style. I’m debating whether I want to spray paint the hanger or leave it.  I’m looking for some glass beads to put on the ends to finish it off, also.  Either way, it’s a good way to keep the necklaces safe and untangled.  It’s a little hidden in its placement on my dresser, but it works well considering the additions from my last two posts.



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