Treat Yo Self

HEAR YE!! HEAR YE!!! This right here…

Now, I am not talking about once a year.  I am thinking more along the lines of once a month.

I am a single mother AND a PhD candidate.  I don’t think I need to go into much more detail for anyone to understand that there are certain things that I need to do for myself.  I am on a budget, so I have had to be pretty creative.  I gift myself a monthly massage or mani/pedi.  I am working on the whole falling back in love with my hair thing and I like makeup.  SO, I extended my monthly gifts to (drum roll) BEAUTY BOXES!!!!!!

I gave myself a budget of $40, which was my previous “me time” monthly budget after massage or mani/pedi.  I have to be creative with that kind of budget but it has really worked out well since I have started subscribing to beauty boxes.  Added bonus? I don’t really have time to go to stores to shop for new items (which also leads to overspending) and online shopping comes with inconvenient shipping costs.

I chose to subscribe to My Brown Box and Nappturalite Radio BOOMbox.

My Brown Box is a subscription service that focuses on beauty products for women of color.  At $20 which covers shipping, this is a great deal.  I received three full size products which, when added up individually, cost more than the monthly charge for the box.  I have been TOTALLY pleased with what I have used so far.  The samples are of a decent size; enough to actually get an idea of the quality of the product.  The selections seem to be really thoughtful:  BEAUTIFUL, versatile shades and good quality products.  I am not a lipstick everyday person, but I received a shade that is rich and luscious AND that has worked it’s way into regular rotation.  Check our their blog at, too.  I enjoy the fashion posts.

BOOMbox is a subscription service that focuses on hair and body products for naturals.  Nappturalite Radio is a long running radio show that revolves around black hair and natural lifestyles.  At $15 (shipping included), this box packs a punch.  You get a free music download (AND I AM ALL ABOUT INDIE MUSIC) and mostly full size hair products.  This month, I received a gorgeous HANDMADE headband!  I also, received a moisturizer that may save me from always having to make homemade moisturizer for my son, who has eczema.  Like My Brown Box, two or three products individually add up to the total cost of the box and the samples are sizeable.  Check out for the latest radio show.

So there you have it!  I think beauty boxes are a great way to TREAT YO SELF in a less costly way.  Also, it’s cool to share the products and samples with friends and family!!!


Gloss Boss

I have a thing for lip gloss.  I consider myself a gloss boss.  When I hit on something good, I have to spread the info.  With all that is going on in the world, what makes this important?  You will have to answer that for yourself.  Right now, I am compelled to let the world know that I have completed my arsenal of glosses.  Now, when I say completed, I mean, I am very happy with recent purchases and will probably replenish my supplies of these products in the future.

As a woman of color, I think these glosses are more than versatile.  I would encourage my girls of ALL shades to try these, but I am particularly happy that they are not just for the fair-skinned.  So here they are:

  1. Smashbox O-gloss.  I bought mine from Sephora.  It comes out clear, but changes to a pretty pink tint once applied.  It does not look like you dipped your lips in a jar of vaseline either.  No Sha Na Na in this tube.
  2. Aveda regydrating lip glaze.  Purchased from the Aveda store.  Try Cassis and Cherry Blossom.  You can adjust the intensity just by applying more gloss, but that does add to the shine factor.  With that said, tt would take the whole tube to make you look trashy.

These two products are definitely good buys.  They work as everyday lip color AND for getting cute and going out.

Above all reasons these are good buys, a good gloss makes my morning routine easier.  I DO NOT do daily makeup so I keep it all to a minimum: good gloss, mascara, cute earrings, I’m good.