Taking the time to fall back in love with my hair…

I am a curly girl for life.  Yeah, I straighten sometimes and that’s just fine.  I would say that I love my hair.  I think that, over the years, I haven’t been so “in love” with it.  I’ve resorted to hair management.  No enjoyment; it’s just there, on top of my head.

I’ve fallen into these routines.  Wake up and put it in a top knot.  Wake up and put it in a pony tail.  Oh it’s summer time?  Wash and go.  Tired of combing it out?  To the salon.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with such routines, I’ve just realized I’m not making the most of my hair.  Like, I said I love my hair.  It’s the one aspect of myself that has miraculously escaped judgement by my adult self due to evaluations through the lenses of mainstream beauty.  I should treat it better.

Various hair-carnations.

My various hair-carnations.

I have been natural almost my whole life.  I yielded to the pull of the creamy crack for a little bit as an undergraduate.  I ended my relationship with relaxers for a year, then decided to chop my booty-length hair off.  All off.  [See bottom left of above picture.]

Combined with my interest in having more knowledge of what I put on and in our body, I have put a lot more energy into nutrition and the products I purchase for myself and my son.  More than choosing things that are labeled “organic” or “natural”, I have started to do more of our diet, hair care, and body care from “scratch”.  I am also more selective of what I use that isn’t home made.  I tend to purchase products after careful deliberation and research of a product line’s reputation.  Even though it’s not feasible to 100% convert my hair care over night, I appreciate the natural hair blog world for the information that is available at my finger tips.  Sites like CurlyNikki (check out her new book) and Hairscapades are AMAZING!

I have challenged myself to resist the heat and straightening in order to get to know my hair again.  It hasn’t been very difficult with products from companies like Curls and Trader Joe’s.  Also, thanks to the natural hair blog world and what I learned from my mother, I am armed with my grapeseed oil, aloe, essential oils, raw apple cider vinegar (just to name a few things).

I’ll keep posting some of my findings on the blogs.

P.S.  Grapeseed oil is good for curly hair and oily skin!  I would start there!


Michelle Obama: Galactic gladiator…and I love it!

Today marked the second Inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States.  It falls on the day that we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It also falls on the first full day of this conference I am attending…fun times.

I used the morning coffee break to catch up on the “goings on” across the country and in DC.  I felt proud, encouraged, challenged and a little bit envious.  THEN I saw Michelle Obama!  Poised and regal as ever, Mrs. Obama was channeling something a little different today:  galactic gladiator.  I think of Star Trek and The Matrix with elegance.  The queen of the day who is ready for any battle that comes her way.  I am sure I am flexing my geek muscles, but I don’t care.

From the bangs to the metallic jacket and THOSE BOOTS!!  The aubergine gloves and jeweled belt were amazing touches.  It’s an inspiring look.  And more than a look, it’s a message.  Powerful.  Intellectual.  Strong.  Individual.  Intentional.  It’s a message in a beautiful, glowing package.


from glamour.com

May have to try this!


As you know, I’ve regressed and have been playing with mud lately. LOL! Nah, but really, I used a bentonite clay mask on my face last Tuesday and the prototype for a new Wonder Curl clay hair mask the weekend before that. Well, this has me wanting to revisit bentonite clay for my hair. I tried it once before a couple of years ago, but wasn’t impressed. But, I’m also a firm believer in, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” I also have been wanting to try my hand at making my own Terressentials Mud Wash. If you remember, I liked it, but not the price and shipping costs. So, I started researching this a while back and resumed again this past week. In my search, I came across this post on La Coco Bella and asked if I could share as I thought y’all might…

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Stains on his collar from my purple lipstick…

Reblog from mypurpleglasses.com

This poem is actually about an interesting daydream I had.  Funny thing is…I own purple lipstick.  I just never wear it.  Dedicated to my Revlon #663 VaVa Violet lipstick.  Sitting on the sidelines waiting for action.

I think of my old love life like it’s double dutch.

Try to catch the rhythm as the ropes swing,

Bounce to the beat each time they hit the ground.

Thing about me is?  I never really learned to double dutch.

I only learned to bounce.

You know.  Go with the motions.

Sway like you’re about to jump in and do something amazing.

I was either trying to jump into things that I was never in sync with.

Or I would trip and give up.

I would retreat to single roping it.

Felt so often like I was doing all the work by my damn self, in that way.

Then.  Well.  I got busy.  I no longer had time for playground games.

Eyes on the prize.  Priorities are the bottom line.

Had no time to jump rope for heart.

Double dutch or otherwise.

But what they don’t tell you about cardiovascular health

Is that you can ignore it as much as you want,

The matters of your heart and its health just don’t go away.

So I laced up my All-Stars one day.  Put my hair up in pixie tails.

Popped in some bubble yum and went back the old stomping ground.

But this time?  Double dutch just wasn’t my gig.

I wanted to chill out.  I wanted to be in motion, not go through the motions.

I wanted to feel the wind and see the sky past the trees.

I wanted to pump my legs until I reached high speeds

And feel my heart race as I fell toward the ground.

I wanted to feel the lock of the chains as the swing swept me up toward the sky.

But like always the street lights would come on, and to be practical was to be safe.

And to be safe was to get my ass back home before the street lights came on.

So like those street lights, reality came on.

And like momma said, my ass was back home.

Sitting, staring, contemplating.

And wondering.

Have you ever closed your eyes and felt your face brush against another persons?

That cheek to cheek graze that’s tense and affectionate at the same time.

When you can feel their heartbeat as if it were a gentle pulse against your skin?

When you breathe in the same meter and each exhale lingers until all of your air is spent?

When you inhale and smell your scents mixed together and think to yourself

“This is perfect”?

Have you ever been fully clothed and in such an intense moment that you didn’t really give a damn about getting naked?

You didn’t even want to pull away; you were content with all of the “being” that was going on.

Well, that’s my swing.

That’s my daydream.

The smell of his cologne on my clothes.

Feeling the hairs on his face brush against my cheek.

Searching the lines in his hands with my finger tips.

Stains on his collar from my purple lipstick.

It’s a jacket, but it’s so beautiful

This jacket is…

I love florals.  I love florals in the way that makes the Christian Dior Fall 2010 Haute Couture line a permanent memory.  It was colorful, lush, and grand.

When I think of florals in fashion I think of the many interpretations; my mind wanders from the beading of Naeem Khan to the sweet prints of Tracey Reese.  I particularly ENJOY an edgy rendition of florals.  I particularly love a floral presented in a way that makes me say “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before.”

Enter the floral corded moto-jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim.


from June Ambrose’s Instagram account

I was casually Instagram stalking June Ambrose (as I am known to do over lunch) when I came across this pic.  It was so beautiful I had to take a screen shot.  The colors.  The texture.  The zippers.  The shape.  THIS IS A WORK OF ART!  And did I mention it’s silk.

I have daydreamed about this jacket.  Yes, I daydreamed about wearing this jacket with black leather skinnies with black leather stiletto boots.  And a black pencil skirt and pearls.  And a black maxi dress with orange, mint, lavendar long beaded necklaces.  Funny, I only wear it with black in my daydreams.

Either way, it’s gorgeous.


Hey Gucci!  Hey Balmain!  Hello fellas dripping in luscious, luxurious, perfectly cut clothes!

I love men’s fashion weeks of the world.  I love menswear.  I am that person who believes fashion is art.  I am that woman who thinks that just as much technique and vision goes into designing for men as for women.  I am that woman whose style is inspired by menswear just as much as womenswear.  But I digress…

With it being fashion week and with it being time to prep for spring, I have taken it upon myself to pick one of my favorite looks that I think will hold up well as a long standing fashion staple.  (FYI GQ.com and style.com make it very easy for a busy person like myself to keep up with what is going down the runway.)

So far a fave that I think would work for most body types and most budgets is this casual gray suit sent out by Michael Basitan.  It’s classic.  It’s incredibly sexy.  You can switch out the shirt for a v-neck T or even a light-weight henley or a white tank or a red T-shirt or…IT’S VERSATILE is the point.  It’s gender bendable.  It’s a look for men or women.

from gq.com

from gq.com

Loafers.  Heels.  Converses.  Black leather accessories.  Or OOOOOOOH…AUBERGINE ACCESSORIES!

Me likey!

Easy repurposing for necklaces

So I have tones of jars and vases in shades of purple gifted from my mother and others. While I have been trying to find storage options for my jewelry, my smaller, more delicate necklaces have been a challenge. I needed something with height and strength and that would look pretty. I decided to use a tall vase and, surprisingly, a wire hanger. The wire hanger is strong enough to hold the weight of the necklaces.

I used one of those wire hangers you get from the dry cleaned that has its ends tucked into a cardboard tube. Removed the tube. Extended the top part of the hanger, and put it into the vase upside down. The hooks that are already in the hanger (that helps them stay in the cardboard tube) were the perfect size.  I tried other materials but this worked best.

It’s cute, quirky, and simple.  My style. I’m debating whether I want to spray paint the hanger or leave it.  I’m looking for some glass beads to put on the ends to finish it off, also.  Either way, it’s a good way to keep the necklaces safe and untangled.  It’s a little hidden in its placement on my dresser, but it works well considering the additions from my last two posts.